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Our clients enjoy professional customer service, always delivered with a smile. We take pride in our work, and we’re thankful that all of these clients took the time to tell us what they thought about working with H.E.L.P. Group Inc. We appreciate the testimonials!

We had an incredible opportunity to work with Berenice and Christina during our kitchen remodel! They were always on-hand to answer any of our questions, and patient with us as we moved forward. This job had a particular set of challenges that H.E.L.P. solved! For example, matching stain on new cabinetry to existing cabinetry: Perfect! Our kitchen went from 1980s “we don’t know what” to a beautiful, modern and clean feel. It’s exactly what we wanted! And the entire crew was friendly, helpful and super enjoyable to have around the house for four weeks! We will definitely hire H.E.L.P. Group as we plan for future renovations. Their commitment to excellence is evident throughout the process. Thanks everyone!

I am so pleased with the bathroom remodel just completed by the H.E.L.P. Group! Everyone was so friendly, capable, punctual, flexible with the hiccups that seem to always accompany remodels. Very professional, and I highly recommend!


Berenice Lopez, Project Manager, Building Analyst and her team at HELP PDX were truly amazing with my home remodel. I live in California and my recently purchased the Portland property as my second home. My experience with contractors has not been the best so naturally I was worried about finding the right company to take on this Portland remodel. This is especially concerning as an out-of-state homeowner who was new to Oregon.

A good friend/Portlander recommended Berenice and HELP PDX. After the first meeting with Berenice, I wished that she and her company had done all of my remodels and was wondering how they could relocate to the Bay Area. Berenice, Christina and her staff treated me as if they were remodeling a home of a family member. This is my fourth remodel, the most detailed and smoothest experience with the best outcome. My Portland home is so beautiful that I have had random offers to buy the property. My neighbors have asked for her assistance with remodeling their property.

This is a recommendation to anyone who has experienced deep frustration with contractors, subs, lengthy delays, shoddy work, do-overs and no-shows. I could go on-I’ve been there believe me. This is for anyone new to the experience of remodeling a home. This is also a recommendation to anyone who is considering a remodel and has reluctance, anxiety or is still experiencing homeowner PTSD — Berenice Lopez and HELP PDX will allow you to go forward with confidence. You won’t just be satisfied, you’ll be amazed at the talent, the timeline and respect for your home and for you as a homeowner. I have so much appreciation for the professionalism shown by Berenice and her team during the transformation of my home.

Thank you Berenice, Christina and HELP PDX.

R. Michele

To the Home Energy Life Performance (HELP) team:

Thank you for your high quality and professional services. Clyde and his crew performed a home energy retrofit to my two-story home that included ceiling insulation and comprehensive air sealing. The work began with a blower door test and diagnostic service which resulted in recommended strategies for energy efficiency improvements.

The process could not have been easier for me. Scheduling the work was smooth and the crew was very neat. In the end, the results exceeded my expectations. My house stays warmer with less effort now. My heater runs half as much as it used to and of course my bills are lower. But there is one other benefit I did not anticipate: my home is now a great deal quieter than before as a result of the work. I don’t hear the traffic as much and the whole house has become much more comfortable.

I am hard pressed to find a contractor that I trust more that HELP. I appreciate your integrity and I would not hesitate to use your services again.



Dear Bernice,

It has been a pleasure to correspond with you and the contractors who have updated my home from drafty to warm and cozy. You have been involved and have worked in a well-organized and professional program that has helped me as a homeowner to update and weatherize this 1925 house to make it a comfortable place to reside. I recommend your services through HELP to any homeowner. Kudos to Mike, Tom, Carmy, and Ken.

Thank you,


Dear H.E.L.P. Group Inc.,

I was so pleased with the breadth of services, all available in one place! I felt that you understood our needs and valued us as customers, as evidenced by the thorough bid, clear communication and follow-up communication about energy rebates I would not hesitate to use the H.E.L.P. team again!


Thanks for the information. And thank you all for doing a great job. The workers left my home cleaner than when they arrived. Everyone was very professional. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.


Your company went beyond meeting our expectations! Responsive, quality work, great people! We couldn’t be happier. Thanks,

Bob and Barb

This is by far the best company I’ve ever used for home improvements and repairs and continue to be impressed by the depth of their knowledge and quality of their work. I’ve actually used them for two major projects in the past month. They have saved me a lot of money while providing great results. When faced with impossible deadlines due to a home sale, they met them. Their staff really know their stuff and are wonderful to work with. There doesn’t seem to be anything they can’t do well.

The biggest part of the latest project was an earthquake retrofit for a home built in 1938 that has a finished basement. With a brick exterior, the only way to approach the project was to open the finished walls from the inside. They did this with minimal impact to the interior. Based on reading other reviews on Angies List – most retrofit companies charge over $5000 to do what they did for $3800 and we were very pleased when the city inspector commented on how thorough a job they did. Then they returned for finishing work on the walls and repainting, including constructing a soffit on one exterior wall in one room in order to hide the tie-down clamps that otherwise would have protruded. It was masterfully done and their suggestion to add crown molding actually improved the way that room looks.

Prior to this they did home sale inspection report repairs for me. One difficult problem discovered at the last minute was dry rot that turned out to extend around an entire corner of the home and was due to a faulty cap around a flat roof. On short notice they were able to completely rebuild and repair this in time for the scheduled closing.
I just hired them again to replace the carpet in my basement and Berenice gave me a great deal, taking advantage of their supplier discount. It’s great to know I’ve got someone this good to call on whenever I need work done on my home.

Bob S.

Hi Berenice,

Hope you are doing well and keeping busy. Just wanted to, once again, thank you for HELP’s work on our house. The whole project unfolded as planned, in timely fashion and you, Clyde and your crew did the most excellent job in every respect. We are more than happy with the process and the outcome. It was a real pleasure to work with all of you and if there are any projects to be done around here (such as, hopefully, replacement of that carpeting), I surely hope we can work together again.


Dear Clyde and Bernice and Crew,

I want to thank you for your terrific work on our house now the cold weather is here we really need it! Our house has not yet went below 62 degrees – even at night with the heat off! Not only am I happy for the warm home, I am happy HELP did the work. The whole crew was wonderful, kind, patient, and pleasant to work with! Thank you so much! Happy Warm Holidays to all of you! We love our “new” home!

Anne and Ross

Very professional, courteous, responsive, thorough and tidy! Great management/owners, supervisory staff AND crew! Not to mention: awesome results!! ?Thank you!


Berenice & Clyde,

Thank you!! We absolutely LOVE our home. Thanks to you we have a warm home and no longer find ourselves fighting over the thermostat. Your ability to coordinate such a large project and to get it done so quickly is truly impressive. I will definitely tell others about you & about the available programs.


Christina and David

We are very happy with the online process. HELP’s office staff was consistently helpful and supportive. The crew was friendly and efficient. Very professional. Our house was clean as promised when the job was complete! We would be happy to give references.

Thank you,

F. Ploog

The H.E.L.P. team should be proud. The remodel looks great. After our move, we’re still sorting and have a few things yet to do but so far everything works perfect. Love everything everyone has done and they have done it with style, excellent workmanship, absolute integrity and friendliness beyond compare. Berenice and Clyde must be proud to work with such a group.

Steve and Martha

Dear Window Team,

We are more than happy with our new windows! The installation team was great; we’re very pleased with the results, especially because some of our existing windows were tricky. The difference is amazing.



Marty and I could not be more please with the upgraded environmental insulation in our crawlspace your company recently installed. You did an outstanding job securing all openings for a tight and energy efficient fit.

We were both impressed that the job was started and completed as outlined and promised. Your crew arrived early and worked full days. Keeping jobs on schedule is important to our industry and we appreciate others that feel equally.

We would also like to commend you on your excellent crew of workers. Everyone was polite, pleasant, neat, clean and respective of our home and landscaping. Very unusual and greatly appreciated in today’s world.

Thank you for your superior service and commitment to detail and excellence. You are a credit to your industry.

Warmest Regards,

Marty and Sallie

We are writing in order to commend your team for the excellent service we received from everyone in your company. Clyde (project manager) was always friendly, informative and professional. Colleen and I had many email exchanges in order to get our complicated window order just so. She was always upbeat and understanding of our confusion or questions. She even suggested some strategies for keeping our cats contented during the work phase.

The crew of Dave, David, Vito and Alfredo were timely, clean, professional and did so much difficult work so quickly! We were so impressed! Dave was always ready to explain the details of the job, which would interrupt his work, but they still managed to get the job done ahead of schedule.

Thank you for your outstanding professionalism at every turn. We have had experiences with many other companies along the way and have never been so completely satisfied and impressed.

Mary Beth and Rick

Dear HELP crew,

Thank you so much for your excellent work on our home. Everyone on the crew was friendly and helpful. They arrived early and were cleaned up and gone before I got home. The craftsmanship was of the highest professional quality – everything looked better than I expected. Best of all, the coldest room in the house isn’t cold anymore; it was quite toasty when I opened the door! Last but definitely not least, the house was spotless at the end of the day; in fact, the work areas are cleaner now than when the crew started. Wonderful work. I can hardly wait to recommend you to my friends and neighbors.


We were both very pleased with the whole project. Clyde was quick and thorough; gave us confidence in next steps. A mishap causing a hole in the attic ceiling was quickly repaired – the company response was perfect. Everything was fixed right away, and HELP even painted the whole ceiling to make things right. Both of the company owners called to check on our satisfaction. Then a $100 discount made everything about the mishap A-OK! I will recommend you to friends and family, and when we’re ready to have more work done on our old house this fall we will call you for sure.

Thank you,

Pati and Jon

I got my NW Natural bill for February; here is what it said:

Feb 2013:
  • avg temp 42.0
  • days 31
  • therms 74
  • therms/day 2.4
Feb 2012:
  • avg temp 43.3
  • days 28
  • therms 112
  • therms/day 4.0



Colleen was very patient, going through many versions of my proposal, as I honed in on exactly what I needed.


Thank you so much for the excellent work at our house. It was wonderful to come home and have it all done and no sign anyone had been there. I can’t believe how quiet the fans are and appreciate the attempts to put in the timers. I look forward to having a much warmer living/dining area this winter and as for the microwave vent – Amazing! No more steam build and the color match on the maple is excellent.

It was a pleasure working with you. I am sorry this letter isn’t formal, but I would be happy to recommend HELP to any potential customers if you would like a reference. We are very pleased with you professionalism and value.



Since you’ve done the work here I’ve noticed three wonderful differences.

  1. I did laundry today and for the first time since I’ve owned my dryer – it dried my clothes in one cycle.
  2. Our heat comes on every morning at 6 and goes until 9 am. At 9 it goes down to 64 until I come home and turn it up. Today I left at 9 to take Josie to school, came back and taught until 10:45 when I realized I hadn’t turned the heat back up. The house stayed at 67 when I checked at 11 am…..Wow!
  3. Usually when it gets to be about 65 the closet in my room starts to feel muggy, hot and uncomfortable. We had 3 days in the uppers 60s and I didn’t notice it once.

To top it off – My downstairs toilet doesn’t feel like a Theme Park ride anymore!
You’re the best and I really can feel the difference.


Dear HELP Team, you guys do great work and are a pleasure to do business with – definitely the most responsive and detail-oriented contractors we’re ever worked with on our home!