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Thank you so much for the excellent work at our house. It was wonderful to come home and have it all done and no sign anyone had been there. I can’t believe how quiet the fans are and appreciate the attempts to put in the timers. I look forward to having a much warmer living/dining area this winter and as for the…


Dear Bernice, It has been a pleasure to correspond with you and the contractors who have updated my home from drafty to warm and cozy. You have been involved and have worked in a well-organized and professional program that has helped me as a homeowner to update and weatherize this 1925 house to make it a comfortable place to reside. I recommend…

Anne and Ross

Dear Clyde and Bernice and Crew, I want to thank you for your terrific work on our house now the cold weather is here we really need it! Our house has not yet went below 62 degrees – even at night with the heat off! Not only am I happy for the warm home, I am happy HELP did the work. The…


Dear H.E.L.P. Group Inc., I was so pleased with the breadth of services, all available in one place! I felt that you understood our needs and valued us as customers, as evidenced by the thorough bid, clear communication and follow-up communication about energy rebates I would not hesitate to use the H.E.L.P. team again!


Dear Window Team, We are more than happy with our new windows! The installation team was great; we’re very pleased with the results, especially because some of our existing windows were tricky. The difference is amazing.

Christina and David

Berenice & Clyde, Thank you!! We absolutely LOVE our home. Thanks to you we have a warm home and no longer find ourselves fighting over the thermostat. Your ability to coordinate such a large project and to get it done so quickly is truly impressive. I will definitely tell others about you & about the available programs. Best,


I got my NW Natural bill for February; here is what it said: Feb 2013: avg temp 42.0 days 31 therms 74 therms/day 2.4 Feb 2012: avg temp 43.3 days 28 therms 112 therms/day 4.0 Thanks,


Since you’ve done the work here I’ve noticed three wonderful differences. I did laundry today and for the first time since I’ve owned my dryer – it dried my clothes in one cycle. Our heat comes on every morning at 6 and goes until 9 am. At 9 it goes down to 64 until I come home and turn it up. Today…

F. Ploog

We are very happy with the online process. HELP’s office staff was consistently helpful and supportive. The crew was friendly and efficient. Very professional. Our house was clean as promised when the job was complete! We would be happy to give references. Thank you,


Colleen was very patient, going through many versions of my proposal, as I honed in on exactly what I needed.