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Since you’ve done the work here I’ve noticed three wonderful differences.

  1. I did laundry today and for the first time since I’ve owned my dryer – it dried my clothes in one cycle.
  2. Our heat comes on every morning at 6 and goes until 9 am. At 9 it goes down to 64 until I come home and turn it up. Today I left at 9 to take Josie to school, came back and taught until 10:45 when I realized I hadn’t turned the heat back up. The house stayed at 67 when I checked at 11 am…..Wow!
  3. Usually when it gets to be about 65 the closet in my room starts to feel muggy, hot and uncomfortable. We had 3 days in the uppers 60s and I didn’t notice it once.

To top it off – My downstairs toilet doesn’t feel like a Theme Park ride anymore!
You’re the best and I really can feel the difference.