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R. Michele

Berenice Lopez, Project Manager, Building Analyst and her team at HELP PDX were truly amazing with my home remodel. I live in California and my recently purchased the Portland property as my second home. My experience with contractors has not been the best so naturally I was worried about finding the right company to take on this Portland remodel. This is especially concerning as an out-of-state homeowner who was new to Oregon.

A good friend/Portlander recommended Berenice and HELP PDX. After the first meeting with Berenice, I wished that she and her company had done all of my remodels and was wondering how they could relocate to the Bay Area. Berenice, Christina and her staff treated me as if they were remodeling a home of a family member. This is my fourth remodel, the most detailed and smoothest experience with the best outcome. My Portland home is so beautiful that I have had random offers to buy the property. My neighbors have asked for her assistance with remodeling their property.

This is a recommendation to anyone who has experienced deep frustration with contractors, subs, lengthy delays, shoddy work, do-overs and no-shows. I could go on-I’ve been there believe me. This is for anyone new to the experience of remodeling a home. This is also a recommendation to anyone who is considering a remodel and has reluctance, anxiety or is still experiencing homeowner PTSD — Berenice Lopez and HELP PDX will allow you to go forward with confidence. You won’t just be satisfied, you’ll be amazed at the talent, the timeline and respect for your home and for you as a homeowner. I have so much appreciation for the professionalism shown by Berenice and her team during the transformation of my home.

Thank you Berenice, Christina and HELP PDX.