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Bob S.

This is by far the best company I’ve ever used for home improvements and repairs and continue to be impressed by the depth of their knowledge and quality of their work. I’ve actually used them for two major projects in the past month. They have saved me a lot of money while providing great results. When faced with impossible deadlines due to a home sale, they met them. Their staff really know their stuff and are wonderful to work with. There doesn’t seem to be anything they can’t do well.

The biggest part of the latest project was an earthquake retrofit for a home built in 1938 that has a finished basement. With a brick exterior, the only way to approach the project was to open the finished walls from the inside. They did this with minimal impact to the interior. Based on reading other reviews on Angies List – most retrofit companies charge over $5000 to do what they did for $3800 and we were very pleased when the city inspector commented on how thorough a job they did. Then they returned for finishing work on the walls and repainting, including constructing a soffit on one exterior wall in one room in order to hide the tie-down clamps that otherwise would have protruded. It was masterfully done and their suggestion to add crown molding actually improved the way that room looks.

Prior to this they did home sale inspection report repairs for me. One difficult problem discovered at the last minute was dry rot that turned out to extend around an entire corner of the home and was due to a faulty cap around a flat roof. On short notice they were able to completely rebuild and repair this in time for the scheduled closing.
I just hired them again to replace the carpet in my basement and Berenice gave me a great deal, taking advantage of their supplier discount. It’s great to know I’ve got someone this good to call on whenever I need work done on my home.