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Team Dog

Lana - Kenny - Zelda - Finn

Lana: Houdini the Magician

The leash hasn’t been invented that can hold Lana. A great big heart in a little tiny package, Lana charms everyone she meets, and also bosses everyone around! A Havanese, she is bi-lingual (tri-lingual if you count canine) and comes in very handy when we need her to translate some of our legal documents. Lana received her BA in Marketing at Marquette and went on to earn her Master’s degree at the Wharton School of Business.

Kenny: Series Slugger

A big Minnesota Twins fan, Kenny (named after his favorite ballplayer of all time, Series Slugger Kent Hrbek) is often the first face you see at H.E.L.P., since he is our official greeter. When you walk into our showroom, Kenny will politely come and say hello, ask if you’d like tea or coffee, and show you around our window samples. He earned his degree in Hospitality and Tourism at San Francisco State and in his spare time he runs his own online Hospitality Business Management Consulting Firm.

Zelda: Godzelda

A great team player who boasts a family pedigree that includes a long line of general contractors, Zelda specializes in design and décor. As she is fond of saying, “What’s more important than beauty”? (Sometimes we think she actually means herself …). A firm believer in Me Time, Zelda can usually be found napping on someone’s desk.  After receiving her BFA in Modern Dance from Julliard, she joined the family business and is currently taking French Language Immersion courses.

Finn:  Entertainment Director

We are so glad Finn answered our ad for a smart, lovable intern who wanted to learn the construction business. It’s not every day you get a raw recruit with his amazing skill sets. He’s only been with us a few short weeks and already he knows “sit”, lie down”, “paw”, “other paw” and “touchdown”! He is still having a bit of a hard time with “drop it”, but in fact that was the hardest one for most of our builders to learn. Finn is currently working his way through college at the University of Oregon, but he says eventually he wants to go all the way and get his Dog-torate of Build-ology.