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News & Stories That Make a Difference for Your Home

H.E.L.P. at Street of Dreams

H.E.L.P. was in the concession booth at the Street of Dreams, serving cool drinks and snacks on a warm day. We were there to check out all the latest home performance technology, but were also inspired by the beauty and design.

Recessed Light Cover

Two birds with one stone?

Two solutions with one simple product

Innovative fire protection products and solutions to keep insulation away from recessed lights and to reduce energy loss through light fixtures The Tenmat FF130E Recessed Light Cover has been specifically designed to keep insulation away from standard recessed lights.

The cover is made out of fire resistant mineral wool material and maintains sufficient space around the fixture for proper functionality when surrounded by insulation.

The durable and lightweight covers will significantly reduce thermal loss through the light and condensation on roof timbers.

Chimney Balloon

The Chimney BallonSimply put, the Chimney Balloon is a product designed to stop heat from escaping up the chimney during cold months, and cold air from leaking out of the home during summer months. It’s a specially engineered polyethylene bag-like product available in hundreds of sizes. It’s easily installed by inserting the bag into the chimney flue, and inflating the bag until the edges are securely sealed against all sides of the flue. The balloon requires a yearly maintenance check, and can be effective for more than five years.

The Chimney Balloon is a simple solution for an expensive problem.

We have them in stock in our Portland showroom, come by and get yours today.

A visit from Washington DC

What ENERGY STAR Washington DC is saying about H.E.L.P. Group, Inc…

….I had the unique opportunity to visit two homes in the program – jobs done by H.E.L.P. and the amazing Berenice! Nothing is more fun than to go see jobs done and/or underway… as I’ve stated many times, contractors are the heart of home performance – after meeting HPCG contractors and seeing Berenice’s work – I know OR is going to succeed.
Well done all around! When can I come back?

Chandler von Schrader
ENERGY STAR – Home Improvement Program

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