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News & Stories That Make a Difference for Your Home


1. Which of these measures saves the most energy?

a)   CFL bulbs

b)   A water heater blanket

c)   Wool carpeting

d)   Insulation

2. Which is the most important factor to consider when selecting insulation for your home?

a)  Thickness of the insulation

b)   R-value of the insulation

c)   Material of the insulation

d)   Method of installing the insulation

3. In an incandescent light bulb, what percentage of the electricity consumed actually results in light?

a)  75 – 85%

b)  50 – 60%

c)  10 – 15%

d)  25 – 35%

4. What is the best way to add insulation to existing walls?

a)  Add new siding

b)  Remove drywall and add insulation

c)  Drill holes, blow insulation, plug holes

d)  Add insulation rolls, then add another layer of drywall

5. In a typical house, how much heat is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected       air ducts?

a)  5%

b)  15%

c)  10%

d)  20%

ANSWERS: 1. d;  2. b;  3. c;  4. c;  5. 20%


Got Wood Windows?

Portland homeowners love Milgard Essence windows. Essence wood and fiberglass windows are the perfect replacement for your drafty, non-working but beautiful old windows. We love the look of solid wood on the inside, with traditional hardware fittings. Outside, though, we don’t love the maintenance and the warping that comes with wood.Essence - Grids

Essence windows give us that traditional look and feel, without the maintenance and repair problems of those old single pane windows. Available in 15 exterior colors, with pine, fir or primed interior, we can replicate the beauty and charm that we love, but still have the energy savings and sound reducing qualities we want.

Milgard WtyEssence windows are crafted to meet Milgard’s exacting standards, and are available in double- and triple pane, to meet Clean Energy Works and Energy Trust of Oregon guidelines. And they carry the Full Lifetime Warranty, which includes glass breakage.

Stop by our showroom and check out these beautiful, affordable windows. We’ll happily create a free quote for you.


3.14 – Who wants pi?

Nerds rejoice – yep, it’s Pi Day again. 3.14.  Next year will be even more pi-like: 3.14.15. The best day to be a math geek, ever. There’s just something about this day that really does run in a circle. It’s pi day, pies are round, Albert Einstein liked pies, and it’s his birthday.

Life of Pi 2

Pi Pie

Albert Einstein

Meet Our New Assistant

Lana on the jobWe are so pleased that Lana has joined our window team. With her doggone extensive background in remodeling and home energy, she hit the ground running and is ready to take orders! When you stop by showroom, be sure and ask Lana to show you our full Milgard line of beautiful energy-saving windows.


1. How much does the average household save on their energy bills by making simple energy-efficiency improvements?

a)   2 to 4%

b)   5 to 10%

c)   20 to 30%

d)   40 to 50%


2. True or False: CFLs, or compact fluorescent light bulbs, can save you $30 to $60 in electricity costs throughout their lifetime.

a)  TRUE



3. Which of the following can be major sources of air leaks in your home?

a)  Recessed lighting

b)  Door and window frames

c)  Dropped ceilings

d)  All of the above


4. Which of these activities uses the most water?

a)  Taking a 10-minute shower

b)  Washing one load of laundry

c)  Running the dishwasher

d) Washing a sink full of dishes by hand


5. In a typical house, how much of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts?

a)  5%

b)  15%

c)  10%

d)  20%


Grass House


ANSWERS:  1. c;    2. a;   3. d;   4. b;   5. d

Hey! Tortilla Chips!

What do tortilla chips have to do with Home Performance? Well.. um.. nothing really. But, they’re definitely delicious and a day that celebrates the almighty chip is worthy of acknowledgement.

Anybody got nacho cheese?

Anybody got nacho cheese?

What’s an HP Test?


The full Home Performance with Energy Star analysis measures every aspect of your home’s energy performance and weatherization. This analysis results in a full report of our findings, with photographs, followed by a proposal that details the recommended improvements by line item, with pricing. Our line item detail allows you to select specific improvements. This analysis includes:

Evaluation of insulation levels

  • measures type and amount of insulation throughout the home
  • walls may be checked using a thermal imaging camera

Combustion zone testing

  • checks furnace & appliance safety
  •  tests combustion efficiency and CO2 levels
  •  identifies drafting or back-drafting issues

Blower door testing

  • measures air leakage

Duct blaster testing if the duct system is outside of the heated space

  • checks for blocked, cracked or broken air ducts

Check and measure windows

Visual inspection top to bottom

  • locate water or moisture issues, etc.



The Home Performance Weatherization Review is ideal for newer homes, since many weatherization factors are already known, i.e., insulation is already up to code. This analysis results in a summary of recommendations detailed by line item.

Blower door testing

  •  measures air leakage

 Duct blaster testing

  •  checks for blocked, cracked or broken air ducts

Visual inspection

  •  locate water or moisture issues, etc. 

We normally recommend in a newer home is a complete walk through to look over the home for safety issues, problems with the duct work (ducts not connected, etc.) and so on. Then we perform the blower door test and a duct blaster test and generate a proposal of our recommendations with detailed line items.


We welcome the opportunity to perform either option for you.

Please let us know how we can HELP.

Clean Energy Works!

CEWO logo




Check out these numbers from Clean Energy Works!  H.E.L.P. Group Inc. has worked closely with CEWO since the early pilot phases, and we’re very proud to have been a part of these energy savings and home comfort improvements. Packaged financing and instant rebates make it so affordable for homeowners to:

  • have a cozier and more comfortable home
  • save on home energy bills
  • take advantage of low-cost financing, including on-bill payments
  • receive instant rebates for up to $2,000


CEWO Totals

Thermal image – Tannenbaum!

Looks like we can use an InfraRed camera for more than checking insulation levels. Our tells us the temperature of the surface of windows, and now it shows us the thermal make-up of a Christmas Tree.

A Very Thermal Christmas!

A Very Thermal Christmas!

Is your home as comfortable as it could be? The H.E.L.P. team will test it for

  • air leakage
  • missing or inadequate insulation (IR camera)
  • blocked, disconnected or broken ducts
  • radon levels

These tests help determine how your home can be warmer, safer and healthier with a home performance project by H.E.L.P!

Belmont Street Fair!

Belmont Street Fair