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Summer Living – Deck!

What a great project. We added a cedar deck with wrap-around step (which doesn’t require a railing). The covered area is clear rigid plastic and is waterproof. Which you’d want if you had a soft comfy BED on your deck!  

Tillamook Ice Cream!

A Cool Treat for a Hot Day The Tillamook Ice Cream Truck visited the HELP Team today and set up their ice cream cart in our parking lot for a couple hours. All customers and passersby, plus the HELP office staff, were treated to free ice cream treats.. The two wonderful Tillamook ice cream wranglers, Christy and Shelby, told us a few…

Seismic Retrofits Increase

The H.E.L.P. Team has seen a significant uptick in the number of Seismic Retrofits. Clean Energy Works now can incorporate seismic strengthening into projects as a home safety and health measure. H.E.L.P. will plan your project using the City of Portland Building Development published guidelines for prescriptive seismic strengthening. We employ recommended processes, plus recommended hold-downs, anchor bolts, etc., as detailed in…

Sunshine Division Project

Sunshine Division was feeling the cold… and the heat in the summer. Established by then-mayor of Portland George Baker and citizen volunteers in 1923, the Sunshine Division provides food, clothing and assistance to Portlanders in need. The charity first found a home on the second floor of the East Precinct station at SE 7th & Alder. In 1938 it moved into a…

Milgard Moving Glass Wall

Beautiful Milgard Moving Glass Wall Systems. In Stacked, Bi-Fold, or Pocket styles. Not your average patio doors. A seamless transition from inside to outside. A very beautiful window on the world.

Our Certified Window Team

The H.E.L.P. Team Masters a Window Installation When you have your windows replaced by our team, you get: EXPERT ADVICE:  windows that meet your requirements for performance and design LEAD-SAFE WORK:  proscribed containment methodology AN EXPERIENCED TEAM:  certified Master Installers by American Architectural Manufacturers Association THOROUGH CLEAN-UP:  we take pride in leaving a clean and neat job site LIFETIME WARRANTY:  all Milgard…

HELP Goes to Austria

Well, anyway, Parker went to Austria. He and his wife Caitlin took a trip to Vienna and Austria’s wine country. Here he is in his HELP shirt, looking like he misses the window business a little!

Earth Day 1970

Check out the great photo – some of the pioneers of the early environmental movement. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring had sold 500,000 by 1970 and did much to raise public awareness and concern for living organisms, the environment and public health. Many Oregonians will remember the days before Oregon’s Bottle Bill passed in 1971. Oregon had already set up a voluntary bottle return system…


1. Which of these measures saves the most energy? a)   CFL bulbs b)   A water heater blanket c)   Wool carpeting d)   Insulation 2. Which is the most important factor to consider when selecting insulation for your home? a)  Thickness of the insulation b)   R-value of the insulation c)   Material of the insulation d)   Method of installing the insulation 3. In an incandescent…

3.14 – Who wants pi?

Nerds rejoice – yep, it’s Pi Day again. 3.14.  Next year will be even more pi-like: 3.14.15. The best day to be a math geek, ever. There’s just something about this day that really does run in a circle. It’s pi day, pies are round, Albert Einstein liked pies, and it’s his birthday.