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Earth Day 1970

Check out the great photo – some of the pioneers of the early environmental movement. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring had sold 500,000 by 1970 and did much to raise public awareness and concern for living organisms, the environment and public health.

Many Oregonians will remember the days before Oregon’s Bottle Bill passed in 1971. Oregon had already set up a voluntary bottle return system that kids in the 1950s and 1960s depended on for pocket money. Returned beer cans paid a penny each, and soda bottles and cans netted out three cents apiece. At the time, bottles and cans accounted for 40% of the litter on Oregon’s roadsides, so it wasn’t hard for sharp-eyed kids to make three or four dollars a week that way!

Since then, 10 states plus Guam have emulated Oregon and have similar bottle return laws in place.

Oregon, always a leader in environmental and energy usage concerns, continues to lead by example with Home Performance testing, retrofits, state tax credits and programs that encourage and assist homeowners in improving their home’s energy consumption and comfort!


Earth Day 1970